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The Meaning 

Sick & Successful

At S & S Creative Agency we think diffrently because we ARE different. Everyone at S & S has or is currently struggling with an Chronic Illness. Because of this we all individually grown to be compassionate, to be understanding and not to discirminate. We learn to look at the bright side of life and take advantage of every moment. Instead of thinking outside of the box we have all been forced to realize their truely is no box, and we bring that mindset to S & S. This is why by coming to us with your marketing needs you are guaranteed to have the most unqiue, creative and uplifiting experience. We are a creative media agency that stands for more. 

Meet Our

Founder & CEO 

First and foremost Natalie is a Mother, a Daughter and a Wife. She is passionate about helping other women in any way she can. In 2007 she was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn's) and struggled for many years. She was in and out of the hospital while pushing to fulfil her dreams of finishing university and starting her own business.  Over the last few years, Natalie has grown a respected brand online with over 30,000 followers through showing the authentic real-life behind the scenes of her life. She is trusted online as someone who tells it how it is. Natalie is real, honest and heartfelt. 


Natale has worked in a corporate setting since 2011 for multiple multi-million dollar organizations. She is a highly motivated individual with a strong work ethic and over 15 years of sales and customer service expertise. Holding a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) Degree, with a major in Marketing and International Business. Strong organizational and negotiation skills.

With her love for business and her passion for social media, Natalie was being approached by various companies to help with their business and manage their social media. She quickly realized that this was a way she could help other business owners have their voices heard. When Natalie is passionate about something she pours her whole heart into it and S & S Creative was born. 


Also Know As @For. The. Success on Instagram 


Co-Founder & Producer

of S&S Podcasting

Shalinda has been in the broadcasting industry for the past 15 years. Her career has taken her to places all over Canada including Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario & even the Yukon. To say she is passionate about media and broadcasting is a massive understatement.


She was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer while on air in 20?? after just moving to a new city and going through some major life changes. It wasn't easy but she fought hard and we are happy to say has been in remission since 20??. Shalinda is a warrior and she uses that strength and tenacity and channels into her work. Some may call her a perfectionist when it comes to producing and editing sound quality and that is why we are so proud of the work she does. 


She currently resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba where she is part of a successful morning radio show as well as many other shows across Canada. With all her years of experience, Shalinda is truly a production, sound, and editing genius.


Also Know As @ShalindaKirby on Instagram 

Manager of Customer Relations & Social Media Manager

Kayla is a Mom, Wife, Confidence Coach, Chocolate Lover & Entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others wherever she goes! She developed an autoimmune disease at the age of 5 yrs old which led to no confidence and low self-esteem along with being bullied because of it. As she got older was diagnosed with ADD, depression, and anxiety but never let her diagnoses or childhood trauma stop her from consistently working hard on her goals & dreams. 


She has worked in Administration and Management for 12+years and realized over the years her true purpose was to help others more, so in 2017 she quit her full-time day job and became a successful boss babe by opening up her own travel agency as well as more. Over the years she has worked on helping others to be confident with who they are and where they are going in life. She is also a huge advocate for mental health and knows what it's like to feel alone while struggling in life and doesn't want anyone to feel that way. Her expertise is in Coaching, Business, Social Media Marketing, VA work, Helping Women, Mom Life, and Photography. 


Not only does she have a hard work ethic she is someone who loves to bring energy wherever she goes. You can expect a real, honest, caring approach. She is determined to continue turning her mess into her message & being a role model for her daughter and women around the world! 


Also Know As @wokeuplikekay on Instagram 

Writer &

Virtual Assistant


Also Know As @Gabi_alexa_ on Instagram 

Gabi is a 22-year-old girl who loves to work, learn, and help others. In 2017, she was diagnosed

with Crohn’s Disease and really struggled with accepting this newfound condition of hers.


In 2020, she was also diagnosed with Celiac Disease and contracted COVID-19. Despite this,

though, she managed to continue working and finish university during some of the toughest

years of her life. She is also a huge advocate for mental health and is constantly thinking of new

ways to help those around her that struggle with their mental health. 


Gabi has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is currently working toward receiving her

Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology. She is passionate about writing and helping others with her skill. She also currently works at a law firm and hopes to be a successful attorney herself someday.


Gabi has been told by many over the years that she would never be able to achieve the success she strives for, given her chronic illnesses, but she can’t wait to prove them all wrong by accomplishing everything she sets her mind to…