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The Meaning 

Sick & Successful

At S & S Creative Agency we think differently because we ARE different. Everyone at S & S is or knows someone close to them who is currently struggling with an Chronic Illness. Because of this we all individually grown to be compassionate, to be understanding and not to discirminate. We learn to look at the bright side of life and take advantage of every moment. Instead of thinking outside of the box we have all been forced to realize their truely is no box, and we bring that mindset to S & S. This is why by coming to us with your marketing needs you are guaranteed to have the most unqiue, creative and uplifiting experience. We are a creative media agency that stands for more. 
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Meet Our

Founder & CEO 

First and foremost Natalie is a Mother, a Daughter and a Wife. She is passionate about helping other women in any way she can. In 2007 she was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn's) and struggled for many years. She was in and out of the hospital while pushing to fulfil her dreams of finishing university and starting her own business.  Over the last few years, Natalie has grown a respected brand online with over 30,000 followers through showing the authentic real-life behind the scenes of her life. She is trusted online as someone who tells it how it is. Natalie is real, honest and heartfelt. 


Natale has worked in a corporate setting since 2011 for multiple multi-million dollar organizations. She is a highly motivated individual with a strong work ethic and over 15 years of sales and customer service expertise. Holding a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) Degree, with a major in Marketing and International Business. Strong organizational and negotiation skills.

With her love for business and her passion for social media, Natalie was being approached by various companies to help with their business and manage their social media. She quickly realized that this was a way she could help other business owners have their voices heard. When Natalie is passionate about something she pours her whole heart into it and S & S Creative was born. 


Also Know As @For. The. Success on Instagram 


Customer Relationship Manager

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Also Know As @Mgakalartnigabb on Instagram 

Fueled by coffee, cheesecake, and art, Alexa is a Filipina boss babe. She uses the power of visual arts and words to create ripples for change. As a Jane of all trades, she possesses skills for creative and scientific writing, public speaking, and digital art. Inspired by the science and art of everything around us, she loves to wander into new horizons. This led her to be a part of the S and S family and we are so lucky to have her!


Moreover, she is a podcast host of Living Out Loud with Raya and Agieah,a Spotify and apple podcast where mental health and other social issues are discussed. Alexa is an advocate for body normativity, mental health, and agriculture for the youth. These are also some of her themes on her digital illustrations on Instagram. 


According to Alexa, “Being part of S and S Creative sparked joy in me. They let my quirkiness and creativity flow. Also, their vision is in line with my virtues of work-life balance and women empowerment”.

Alexa is based in the Philippines but thankfully as a night owl, the time zone differences don't affect her too much. 

Administrative Assistant & Content Specialist

Madison is a multidimensional artist, specializing in content creation and is our administrative assistant here at S&S. She is currently studying at the University of Winnipeg, working towards her certification in digital & social media marketing. Madison has a background in customer service and has an interest in psychology and personal development. She is an advocate for mental health and wellness, as she has personal struggles with anxiety and depression. She is currently on her own journey of healing and self-discovery, looking to grow and create a safe space for those on the journey as well. 


In her free time, she is listening to music, reading, or finding ways to express herself through the arts. Whether that's through painting, drawing, journaling or photography. Madison also has a passion for travel and hopes to see and experience the world. Her favourite place to be is by the ocean, in the sun, or in the mountains. Madison shares her passion for the healing arts through energy work and creative expression, with intuitive painting and tattoo medicine.


Also Know As @madisonvweiss on Instagram 


Content Specalist

Senior Content Specialist

Alexi (Lexi)

Also Know As @Alexijadesmith on Instagram 

Alexi is a mom to a sweet little girl, a lover of all things fashion, design, beauty, travel, chocolate… and pink! 


She has been in the customer service industry for over ten years. She first started managing the social media account for the restaurant she worked for in 2016. It quickly became her favourite part of the job, staging photoshoots on her day off, and planning out content for social media. Alexi was recognized for her talents and took on more marketing roles over time.


She realized that building a following, posting, creating content and seeing the positive impact made social media management feel more like a hobby or passion project to her vs. a job.  That is what lead her here today working for S&S Creative! 


She brings her passion for creative work to S&S creative every single day. She has an eye for detail and is one of the sweetest human beings you will ever meet. Alexi enjoys creating a voice for business brands through social media and loves to support business owners through creative expression in the most beautiful way. 


Content Specalist

Engagement Specialist


Julianne (Jules)

Also Know As @Julianne.dlcrz on Instagram 

Jules is a free spirited gal driven by passion, purpose, and creativity. A cat momma by heart and

an empowered woman in body and spirit. She finished her University degree in the Phillipines and decided to follow her dream of being an entrepreneur.

She has worked in various fields such as science, content creation, arts and so much more.- only goes to show how diverse her mind can get!

She has a love for things that are unique and one-of-a-kind, she is a life longer learner and loves to have an open mind. 


Empowered with a creative mind, she brings her artistic skill, professionalism, and overall passion to the S & S team.

As an out-of-the-box thinker, Jules envisions a life not only aiming for her own progress but also

in motivating and inspiring those around her.