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An Entrepreneur Taboo: Work-Life Balance Doesn’t Exist

Here’s an unpopular opinion that’s going to blow your mind: work-life balance doesn’t exist! You’ve probably heard from everyone everywhere that you should have a work-life balance, most especially if you’re an entrepreneur! What if I told you that shouldn’t be the case?

As an entrepreneur and CEO, I truly believe this doesn’t exist (even ask my coach!). I always raise an eyebrow and simply believe it doesn’t exist because balance isn’t important. Looking back on my life, I was so hyper-focused on many things. I worked 5 – 6 jobs all at the same time while pursuing my degree, dating, and taking care of myself. After getting my degree, marrying my now-husband, and settling down, I fully focused on my career.

It was at this moment when I was focusing on my career that I realized that I was really sick and at the same time juggling a lot of things in my life. I started to believe that this balance scale was never going to be equal – it was always changing. Tipping over whatever was more important at the time.

Life is made of the everyday ebbs and flows – and just like your priorities in life, it changes every day. For instance, when I had my daughter, my career and entrepreneurial attempts immediately stopped. Although I still worked corporate (gotta pay the bills), I put my business dreams on hold to focus more on my pregnancy. When I gave birth and things were falling into place, that’s when I started to focus on my career again as an entrepreneur.

So, what am I trying to say? In life there will be days where all you do is work or some days, you’ll take a full day off and focus on family or friends. This is the beauty of life – you never really know what to expect on a day-to-day basis. And if someone tells you to have that work-life balance, just picture what kind of life they have compared to yours. I’m sure yours is full of thrill and excitement – one I’m sure is true because you’re listening to (or watching) me!

As entrepreneurs, we want to achieve goals and happiness with the everyday ebbs and flows of life. And my advice to you is to go live out a life you love and will be proud of – to achieve this is to accept that the 50-50 balance doesn’t always have to be equal.

Think of your life like a pie – if it was cut into even slices, it’d be boring and simple. You’d only be giving the same amount of time and effort at everything and not achieve the success you set yourself out for. So, what can you do?

Prioritize instead of balance the things that matter in your life. What’s most important at the moment should stay afloat. For me, the things that matter most in my life are my company, family, and friends. As a startup business and growing entrepreneur, I have a lot more to focus on my business. I also have my daughter, who’s a toddler, and family to focus on. It’s a challenge to keep these afloat but it sure as heck made me the successful woman I am today.

Entrepreneurs are a breed of their own. We’re pulled in every direction by so many things that we need to focus on, we just get lost in it all. Especially for those who are chronically or mentally ill or have a lot of life obstacles – you are on a whole other level! I salute you! So don’t feel bad if you see people online quoting the work-life balance because it simply is impossible.

Instead, the next time you’re living the ebbs and flows of life, keep this in mind. Prioritize one piece of the pie and give it your absolute all and don’t set yourself up to unrealistic, IMPOSSIBLE standards! The truth is, we are doing the best we can. And when we see ourselves succeeding in a set goal, the energy we radiate or the fire our passion starts will spread. It will start this beautiful spark that can inspire and motivate communities because we showed them that we can chase our dreams while still enjoying the things in life! It never had to be 50-50 – it was all a ratio of focus and priority depending on you!

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