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What is it?

RSR (Ready, Set, Record) is a 6-week immersive program that teaches not only how to create your own podcast but how to speak, edit, record, create content, launch and so much more.

Start with a idea for a podcast and after 6 weeks you will have a 5 star reviewed broadcasting standards podcast launched on all platforms including Spotify, Apple podcast, Google and more. 

Also included is a community of other podcasts getting started with you. You will have the opportunity to pitch your podcast, receive reviews and secure interviews, and be a part of a community of others doing the same thing as you, at the same time.. 

Are you ready to learn everything you ever wanted to know about podcasting and so much more?

Are you ready to bring your podcast idea to life?

Like no other....

Are you ready to take action on some of your wildest dreams?


Have you dreamt of starting a podcast for years but just didn't have the time to figure it all out?

Or have you tried to figure it out and you need help getting your podcast to that next level?

Believe me I get it. 

I was there! 

Researching for hours how to start a podcast. Trying to learn to edit and create cover art, figure out how to get my podcast on Apple, Spotify and all the other places. Thinking about what to record, how to record, where to record. 

It was all so confusing so my idea sat untouched.

It took me weeks and weeks of research and then years of trial and error to truly understand podcasting. Skip the years of trial and error by taking this course! 

Ready, Set, Record that teaches you every. single. step. of creating a podcast. 




We will cover all the basics of starting your podcast. From picking a title, to niching down to the perfect target audience. Topics to cover 


Everything you need to learn tech wise will be taught. No one left behind.

If you are confused we will be there to support you. Step by step we will walk you through LIVE how to set up each portion of your podcast. Including getting your podcast on all streaming platforms, editing, mixing and mastering, creating your coverart, producing your intros and outros and so much more. 

It may sound complicated now but we will walk you through step by step and then you have the recording to refer to for life. 


If you are not creative have no fear. We will show you how to create high quality unique cover art, social media posts. We will teach you what types of topics to podcast about and more. 


We have you covered. Not only will you learn to create hype with your current audience we will teach you how to build a engaged and excited audience. How to nurture your community and ultimately how to monetize your podcast! 

Everything else.

You know, the things you don't know you need to know until you come up against them?

Don't worry. 

We will be there to help you with those too. 

How does it work?

Starts October 12th 2022

Live call in zoom at 11am Central (12pm Eastern, 9am Pacific)

Recordings will be streamed into the facebook which you will have lifetime access too.

​Here are the details of what you will get with this program:

  • 6 Week immersive program taking you from a idea for a podcast to a fully launched high quality podcast.

  • Weekly Live Zoom Calls - Where you will be taken step by step from the very top, on how to create a podcast.

  • Weekly implementation homework

  • Weekly Q&A Sessions

  • Lifetime Access to Facebook Community with all RSR Alumni 

  • Support Pods

  • Work Book

  • Solo time to pitch your podcast to the group

  • 5 star reviews from cohort members

  • + so much more

  • No one left behind


Provides you with unwavering support!

You will be supported like you never could imagine. You will learn tips and tricks to create a successful podcast that will change the trajectory of your life and your business. 

You are not just hiring a team to help you with learn some tips about podcasting you are joining a group of entrepreneurs who will be there for you throughout the rest of your journey and who are starting this endeavor with you at the exact same time.


This is an 6-week program to teach you tools on how to start a successful high quality podcast but also provides you with a lifetime connection with the other entrepreneurs whom you will be doing this course with. You will have their support after the program to continue this journey together and to never feel alone with the way you are feeling again. 


Learn what “high quality podcasting” truly means!

Not only will you learn the basics of podcasting, you will learn broadcasting standards. You will not only have a OK podcast. You will have a PHENOMENAL one. You will have the tools to be consistent and continue podcasting instead of quitting a few episodes in. 


No time is better than now.

Don’t let the little voices in your head talk you out of this. Take action, and sign up now.

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How much is it?


Early Bird offer $997




Will you finally make a move to change your life? 
Do you want your voice to make a difference
Or do you want to stay small?

Module Overview

Module 1

Ready: Introduction to the Basics 

  • Niche down - Who is your audience?

  • What will they get from your podcast? 

  • Podcast title - how to choose one

  • Tips on creating a appealing title

  • Equipment to purchase 

  • How to record 

Module 2

Ready: It's time to Create

  • Compelling cover art 

  • Live Demo - Creating your cover art 

  • How to create social media posts on canva 

  • How to slow launch on instagram 

  • Creating hype in your community 

Module 3

Set: Editing Made Easy

  • Basics of editing - How to take out ums, ahhs and mistakes 

  • Live demo of editing

  • Creating + recording your intro/ extro 

  • Picking your music theme

  • Ending your podcasts - asking for one action 

Module 4 

Set: Speaking made easy

  • Speaking tips on how to speak on a podcast 

  • Tips on what types of episodes to think about (time i.e long or short)

  • How to structure a podcast episodes

  • Show notes 

  • Podcast length time 

  • Being authentic 

  • Creating community around your podcast


Module 5 

Record! Nitty Gritty 

  • Recording what hiccups did you encounter? Q&A

  • Getting set up on Podbean 

  • Applying to podcast platforms 

  • Social media marketing per episode 

  • Launch strategy 

  • Monetizing your podcast - ads 

Module 6 

Record: It's time to Pitch 

  • Take the floor - Pitch your podcasts

  • Reviews

  • Q and A

Does this make you excited & nervous all at once?

Then it's time to trust your intuition

Stop the struggle and walk hand in hand through every step you need to take to have a top ranking podcast! It's time to invest in YOU! 

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