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The History Of S & S - What it stands from, and where it came from.

Updated: May 17, 2021

So glad you stumbled upon this blog, Welcome here!

My name is Natalie and I am the owner and CEO of S and S Creative Media.

This company has been a dream of mine, honestly since even before I was in university. Although I didn't know I wanted to be the owner of a Marketing Agency, I always knew I wanted to own a business and do something creative.

The history of S and S starts all the way back when I decided I was going to become a hairstylist (and went to a high school that offered that training) and then go on to become a makeup artist instead of going to university.

My dad made me a promise. That he would pay for makeup school out in Vancouver (I live in Manitoba Canada so this was across the country) IF and only IF. I went to university first. So I went on a tour of the university and spoke to a counsellor there and asked what can I take that's fast and creative. My options were the Asper School of Business or Interior Design.

I decided on the 4-year Marketing program (which took me 6 years because I was constantly working 3+ jobs).

From then on I never did make it to makeup school. Directly out of university I took on a corporate job in Sales and quickly began to win awards, surpass goals and realized that sales was something I was good at and passionate about.

I was promoted, moved across the country, and then back. Changed companies, took on different roles, moved from sales to marketing and then back again.

I was good at what I did but never fulfilled. The money grew, the awards continued, I surpassed goals and made commissions but I wasn't helping people.

Slowly I started sharing my life with a chronic illness online (I have Crohn's Disease) and started to garner a following.

I became passionate about fitness and health and started a company helping women with Crohn's Disease called For The Health. Over a few years, I surpassed 30,000 followers on Instagram and started working with brands as an Influencer.

At this time a friend and I (Shalinda Kirby) started a podcast. I had been wanting to start a podcast called Sick and Successful forever but was waiting for the time and co-host. I came up with the name Sick and Successful because I would see so many successful business women (and men) on social media running amazing business while struggling with Chronic Illness, but it seemed like no one was talking about them. Like no one was acknowledging how hard, and how much harder it is to run a business with a Chronic Illness, or a disability. So, once Shalinda and I became friends we quickly realized a podcast together would be amazing. So the Sick and Successful podcast was born, where we talk about what it's like to be sick while struggling with an illness.

We then launched our own podcasting business because Shalinda has a successful carrier in media and production and I have my social media and business background, it was all around just the perfect fit.

Then the pandemic hit AND I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Alecia. At this same time Shalinda took on more shows around Canada and our time schedules really no longer aligned. So we took a break.

This was a blessing in disguise. We took a step back and reassessed. I had time to spend with my family, to learn and grow and realize my true passion in life. Helping others fulfill their dreams.

Over this time I had many companies reaching out to me to help them their social media. I also decided to take get certified in a specialized social media management course.

And S and S Creative was born. I changed my social media handle from to @for.the.success and launched @s.and.s.creative. I realized that I no longer had the energy to continue with health coaching, and although it was something I loved I was no longer passionate about it. This realization really allowed me to put everything into S & S and restructure the company to be something that lights me up and makes me really excited every single morning.

We are still running S & S Podcasting as a subsidiary of S & S Creative Media. We are also re-launching our own podcast Season 2 of The Sick and Successful Podcast in June so stay tuned! It is new and improved and going to be focusing on success and business this season!

So if you don’t already know, S and S in “S & S Creative Media” stands for: Sick and Successful.

Because it’s possible, it's possible to struggle AND yet thrive in other areas of your life. To have a chronic illness, to fight AND still be successful AND still accomplish your dreams.

Our goal as an employer to employ those who have gone through a struggle themselves. Who see outside the box and realize life is about living in the moment, accomplishing your dreams and helping others do the same.

We are passionate about helping other women entrepreneurs get their businesses known in the social media world. To help them have strong brand recognition and curate strong communities. We lift other entrepreneurs up and help them create the brand presence they deserve, the recognition they deserve, without them having to focus on running their own Instagram pages or editing their own podcasts.

We are a creative Media Agency that thinks differently. Why? Because we are different!

Contact us today if this story resonated with you and you feel like you might need some help with your social media or would like to start your own podcast! We would love to get on a free discovery call with you.

Written By: Natalie

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